It will travel 80 km on a 15-minute charge! Turkish engineers produced! Here is Turkey’s first domestic electric bus

Domestic electric buses produced in cooperation with ASELSAN and TEMSAN will be used in Samsun. Buses can travel 80 km on a 15-minute charge. Here are all the details…

The domestic electric buses produced by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in order to save money in public transportation and reduce carbon emissions will be able to be charged in 15 minutes.

Domestic electric buses with lithium batteries, produced in cooperation with ASELSAN and TEMSAN, and whose test drives have been completed, will begin to carry passengers at the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, which will be held in Samsun on 30 August-4 September.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir pointed out to the AA correspondent that Samsun is one of the cities where public transportation is very important.

Stating that there is a very heavy traffic between Samsun’s districts, Demir said, “Even though we built the rail system, we could not provide the necessary comfort, especially in public transportation in the city. The rail system currently works on a single line. Therefore, our trams are full. We do not have a chance to increase the number of trams. In accordance with the master plan, we have deemed it appropriate to commission electric buses.” said.

Explaining that they are working with ASELSAN on this issue, Demir said, “Currently, ASELSAN and TEMSA have produced these (electric buses). For the first time, lithium battery electric buses with domestic ultra-charging system will be used in Samsun. Trial drives have been completed, we are taking passenger service together with TEKNOFEST.” he said.

“Our electric buses can travel 80 kilometers with a 15-minute charge”

Demir stated that a charging battery came to the fore in the studies carried out with TEMSA and ASELSAN and continued as follows:

“Our electric buses can travel 80 kilometers with a 15-minute charge. If we wanted, we could change the battery system and have it produced 300-400 kilometers away, but when we calculated the cost, we decided that these buses were the most optimal. We had them produced together with ASELSAN. Our Ministry of Industry and Technology also He approved this project. With the support of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, we have implemented this project under the leadership of ASELSAN with the production of TEMSAN.”

Zero carbon emissions

Pointing out that the most important feature of domestic electric buses is that they save more than 70 percent in operating costs compared to fossil fuel buses, Demir said, “When spread over the entire bus fleet, it reduces the operating cost a lot. Another important issue is zero carbon emissions. Comfort is quite high, non-polluting the environment. A system. We are currently commissioning 20 of them. If they meet our specifications, we will have converted the entire bus fleet to electric vehicles. We will probably have shorter buses produced for short routes. We are also making preparations for this. A first in Turkey for this. Domestic production, domestic design. and we are implementing lithium battery buses in Samsun.”

Demir stated that the copyrights of domestic electric buses belong to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and said:

“Probably after we start using these buses, these buses will become widespread in different cities of Turkey. Samsun is an environmentally friendly city and will lead the way. We will have signed a very important project, especially in terms of carbon emissions. Electric buses are also a part of our Smart City planning. “One of our most important projects regarding environmental health is electric buses. Our electric buses will start passenger transportation together with TEKNOFEST.”

Stating that they have built charging stations for electric buses at seven points of the city, Demir stated that the buses will be used between the city center and Samsun Çarşamba Airport, where the festival will be held, in the first place.

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