It is Forbidden to Swim In The Evenings In Antalya.

With the start of the nesting season of the endangered caretta caretta sea turtles, entrances to the world-famous beaches of Antalya are prohibited from 20:00 until sunrise. Those who do not comply with the ban, which will last until the end of September, will be fined 109 thousand 785 TL. The beaches where the most nesting sea turtles of the caretta caretta species in the Mediterranean are located on the shores of Antalya. Depending on the breeding season of sea turtles, human activities such as swimming, pitching tents and lighting fires are prohibited on the beaches of Cirali, Olympos and Patara at night.

Caretta Caretta Season In Patara

With the support of the General Directorate of Conservation of Natural Assets, Prof. from Pamukkale University on the 12-kilometer Patara coast, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Under the leadership of Eyüp Başkale and expert biologist Ayfer Sirin, a team of 14 volunteers carries out activities such as the registration and protection of nests and chicks throughout the season. Stating that 316 nests were created on the beach where 957 carettas hatched last year and 16,980 puppies were brought together with the sea, Baskale said that they opened the season on the beach on May 15 this year.

It Is Forbidde to Enter The Beach From 20:00.

Prof. Baskale stated that people and all kinds of vehicles are prohibited from entering the beach from 20.00 until sunrise, adding, “Lighting fires, setting up tents and all other activities on the beach are prohibited. Heavy fines of up to 109 thousand. Those who enter and cause damage are given TL. This year. These penalties were given to a few people. Those who entered by car were identified and their license plates were recorded. Penalties were written on them. General Directorate of Conservation of Natural Assets This year, piling work was carried out on the Patara beach, areas that people could use were determined, and new information boards were placed. Daily checks are also carried out.” I said.

They Tell Tourists About Caretta Caretta

Expressing that there are 14 officials, 4 of which are official, Prof. Dr. Başkale said, “Our officers and volunteers inform the citizens on the beach in the afternoon on many issues such as the extinction and protection of sea turtles, their nesting, incubation and their contribution to ecotourism. It is also reported that it is forbidden to enter the beach at night. Gendarmerie teams are also on guard for 24 hours in the area.” It was up to 2 slots. Last year, there were 8-9 nests these days, but this year there is a delay of 1-2 weeks due to climatic conditions,” he said.

109 Thousand TL Fine

Erdal Elginöz said that those who do not comply with the ban are given heavy fines. Even if an incident occurs that harms the caretta carettas and their nests, an administrative fine exceeding 400 TL and penalties under the “Environmental Law” of 109 thousand 785 TL are applied. Our cooperative pays the salary of the salaried personnel in May, and Kemer Municipality pays the salary of four months in June-September. The municipality provides all kinds of financial support such as cages and signs.

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