It Has Been Discovered That Tinder Fungus Can Be Used in Medical and Industrial Products

It has been discovered that tinder fungus can be used in medical and industrial products.

As a result of a research conduccted in Finland, it was discovered that tinder fungus could be used in the design of products such as; body armor, exoskeletons for aircraft, or surface coatings for windshields.
A group of researchers from Finland discovered the potential for the tinder fungus to be used for “future medical and industrial applications”.


It was also stated that one feature of tinder fungus is that it can remain light while having the strength of heavier materials such as wood or hard plastic.

“There are a wide variety of solutions to different materials engineering problems in nature, and not all of them have been fully explored yet,” said Pezhman Mohammadi, senior author of the study and scientist at the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center.


“To increase the strength of materials, compromises are often necessary, such as increasing the density however, when comparing the material properties of cork structures, it is important to consider how light they are compared to hard plastic or wood,” said Mohammadi.

Mohammadi said that his team hopes that the new findings will help take the next step in the continued development of plants such as mushrooms.


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