It doesn’t like the restaurant foods: The most delicious Turkish street foods you should taste

Turkish cuisine is among the richest cuisines of the world with rich variety of food choices, famous flavours, and feeding from the different cuisines and cultures. You can taste delicious foods in every corner of Turkey from dinner tables setting in the home to the most elegant restaurants. There are so many things come to in mind when street  flavours are talked about. Here are the different flavours you can come across in streets of Turkey.

Fried fish sandwich:

Fish is the most consumed food of animal origin in Turkey whose three sides surrounded by sea. In seaside cities, Fish is cooked in boats after cesssation of close season, and it is serviced by putting in a bread with plenty of onions and greens. If there is a selling of fried fish sandwich in somewhere, there must be selling of pickle juice,too. Pickles and pickle juice create delicious tastes with fried fish sandwich.


You can see the doner shops at every step. Doner shops are endemic in Turkey and one of the most known street foods. There are two types doner: chicken doner and meat doner. Doners can be serviced with thin bread, and pitta bread, or  over the rice pilaf, or as a sandwiches. Also ayran is absolutely adviced with doner. Frofthy  Ayran which is made naturally is the best

Rice pilaf with chick peas:

You can see the selling of rice pilaf with chick peas around the every corner, or on the crowded streets, even in the small carts near the stops. Rice pilaf with chick peas that is great flavour. An indescribabletaste takes place when chicken is picked to pieces over the rice pilaf with chick peas. Pickled peppers appeal to the taste buds of people who like bitter. Also, you can eat pilaf with ketchup. It’s up to your taste buds.

Stuffed mussels:

You can see the street vendors selling stuffed mussels in a round trayaround the corner at any time of day.

Stuffed mussels are street food which are quite tasty and can be ate much at a sitting. There are rice pilaf and different types of spices in stuffed mussels. Vendors offer lemon by squeezing on stuffed mussels while you are eating.

Baked potato:

Baked potato is selled on the street stall, and it becomes one of the most loved street foods in recent years. Big potatos are cooked in bakery by foiling. They are cut in half after cooking, and they  are mixed by putting kashar cheese and butter. Then sausage, pickle, mushroom, olive, and other materials can be added as optinal. Mayannoise and ketchup can also added as optinal.

Grilled sheep’s intestines:

Kokoreç is an tradinitonal Turkish flavour. It is made out of sheep’s intestines. It is prepared like that : intestines are cooked  for hours by skewering then it is chopped up. After that, spices, tomatos, and peppers are added on it. It can be  preferred as half a loaf of bread or quarter of a loaf of bread. It is a Turkish street food which is quite bitter and delicious. As a beverage , turnip juice, pickle juice, or ayran can be preferred with kokoreç.

Grilled chestnuts:

Grilled chestnuts are cooked on small carts , and they are served as hot. Grilled chestnuts are preferred so much in winter months as snacks. The main reason of this, most of the people find nostalgic taste in grilled chestnuts. People, who had heating stove before central heating system , had a talk with their family near the heating stove and they ate grilled chestnuts with real pleasure in winter months.

Boiled corn:

Boiled corn, which is one of  the most preferred street foods at seashore in the summer moths, is sold in small carts with boiler. Vendors exclaim “ sweet corn”. You can choose whatever you want in the boiler  by pointing the corn to vendor. The vendor grabs the corn which you want with tongs and put in a corn cub then give it to you.  Enjoy your meal !


Bagel is the most cheapest, the most competent, and the most delicious food among the street foods. It is a type of bread which is annular and covered with sesame. A hot bagel with a cup of tea is a perfect choice especially in the mornings.

We’d like to point out that these flavours which we have talked about are only some of the dozens of flavours which can be seen in streets of Turkey. Please do not forget that streets in Turkey host so many flavours that wait to be discovered. Enjoy your meal !

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