Is Video of Pigeons Greeting Putin Real?

In a video shared by a Twitter user on February 22, 2022, it was claimed that the pigeon saluted Putin.

Is Video of Pigeons Greeting Putin Real?

Due to the tension between Russia and Ukraine, many tweets about Russian President Vladimir Putin have been shared on social media lately. One of these tweets was a video of a pigeon that was shared on the internet for a long time and received great interaction with Putin’s greetings.

The video in question can be accessed when the sections in the video are searched on the internet or by typing “Putin and Pigeon” in search engines. In the 8-second video recorded in 2017, it is seen that there are several people with Putin. In the video shared in the claim, it is seen that Putin salutes the pigeon with his hand, while the pigeon gives a soldier salute to Putin with its wings.

In order to examine the accuracy of the claim, the video needs to be watched from reliable sources. The news about the event was reported by Sputnik Turkey by sharing a video. Accordingly, visiting the exhibition opened at the Rogozhskiy Religious Center of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Old Believers in Moscow, Putin greets a passing pigeon. However, in the original video, the pigeon does not greet Putin and continues on its way. So, the video has been edited and modified.

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On February 22, 2022, a video of a pigeon saluting Russian President Putin was claimed by a Twitter user to be real. When the video is examined, it is seen that Putin greets the pigeon in the original video, but the pigeon does not greet Putin. So, the video was edited.


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