Ios 17.5 Features Leaked: Download Apps From Safari

iOS 17.5, the last version of iOS 17 to be released before the introduction of iOS 18, is now available in beta. The new features that will come to iPhones with the update have also been revealed.

Apple released the iOS 17.4 update in recent weeks due to some bugs in the current iOS update and brought some features to the phones.

The company, which is currently working on iOS 17.5, has made the beta version of the update available for developers.

What’s new with iOS 17.5

With iOS 17.4, the ability to install apps from external sources was activated on iPhone models within the European Union.

This paved the way for users to install apps on iPhones from outside the App Store.

With iOS 17.5, Apple is again taking steps towards the European Union’s “Digital Services Act”.

iOS 17.5 will officially allow users to download apps from websites.

However, users will be able to download from the official sites of the app developers, not from the website of their choice.

Apple imposes certain requirements on developers who want to publish apps on their own sites.

These include being a member of Apple’s developer program, having one million downloads in the EU, and transparency about data collection.

Other iOS 17.5 features

Apple is also preparing to make some minor design changes across the operating system.

For example, the Podcast widget, which will be added with the update, will change color according to the podcast you are listening to.

Finally, the iOS 17.5 update includes a change related to trackers.

Users will be able to see and disable trackers even if they are not Apple certified.

For now, there is no clear information on when the iOS 17.5 update will be released.

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