Interesting Images from the Surface of Mars: Findings Similar to Soil Cracking!

Interesting Images from the Surface of Mars: Findings Similar to Soil Cracking!

NASA, which conducts research on the possibility of life on Mars, found a structure similar to soil cracking on the planet. Here are the details!

New images from NASA’s Curiosity rover have arrived. In these images, some signs were noticed that the planet is not just an arid area. Looking at the photographs taken of the surface, a soil-like structure was seen.

Just as salt deposits in the soil crack after drying, hexagonal patterns similar to cracks were found on Mars. This indicates that the planet once experienced climate change similar to that of Earth.

There is Important Information About Mars’ Climate!

The hexagonal patterns discovered on the planet are almost proof of a cyclical climate. Because these patterns can only occur as a result of wet and dry seasons. In other words, there may have been seasonal transitions just like on Earth.

When the images taken by Curiosity were analysed, it was determined that the patterns could be 3.6 to 3.8 billion years old. It was stated that the wet and dry weather conditions lasted for billions of years, resulting in the formation of shapes in the slime on the surface.

Surface of Mars

William Rapin, lead author of a paper published in Nature, said: “We observed polygons formed by cracks in fresh mud due to wet and dry cycles repeated at regular intensity.”

In the light of all these data, we understand that once upon a time there were favourable conditions for living organisms on Mars, at least on a microscopic scale. Although the surface of Mars is like an arid desert today, billions of years ago it may have had rivers and large lakes.

When the samples are brought back to Earth and analysed in detail, they may provide important clues as to whether life once existed on the planet.

Do you think this development could shed light on Mars’ past? You can share your comments with us.


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