Instagram Introduced The “Silent Mode” Feature: How to Turn On Silent Mode? When Will Silent Mode Be Used in Turkey?

Instagram introduced the “Silent Mode” feature: How to turn on Silent Mode? When will Silent Mode be used in Turkey?

Social media addiction is a growing concern today. With the widespread use of smartphones and easier access to the internet, especially young people spend more time on social media platforms. While this is a great way to stay in touch and share information with friends and family, excessive use of social media can have negative consequences on people’s mental health. Instagram has rolled out a new feature called “Quiet Mode” to combat smartphone addiction. “What is Silent Mode?”, “When will Silent Mode be used in Turkey?”, “How to turn on Silent Mode on Instagram?” Here you can find answers to questions such as: in the news.

Instagram has launched a new ‘Quiet Mode’ to reduce the number of alerts users see and help them combat smartphone addiction. “Silent Mode”, currently available in certain countries, turns off notifications for the app and sends automatic replies to direct messages (DMs).

However, Instagram is adding a new “silent mode” status under their Instagram profile name so that users in “Quiet Mode” are aware of their friends.


Instagram users can turn “Quiet Mode” on or off by going to the “Settings” section of the app, or set a time for it to kick in automatically.

Silent Mode

Users may also receive a prompt asking if they want to turn on ‘Quiet Mode’ after spending ‘a few minutes’ on Instagram at night.


On the other hand, “Quiet Mode” is currently available to users in the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while it will be available “soon” in other countries.

Silent Mode

According to Meta, Instagram’s parent company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, “Quiet Mode” specifically aims to help teens “focus and set healthy boundaries” on the app.

Silent Mode

“Today, we’re introducing new ways for people, especially teens, to manage their time and experience on Instagram. These new features continue to create things that are meaningful to teens and genuinely useful to creators,” Meta said in a statement.

Silent Mode

Meta hopes it will encourage users to set limits with their friends and followers by stating that “Quiet Mode” is not available to those in their networks.

Silent Mode


According to the firm, feedback has revealed that younger users often feel pressured to “feel they need to be reachable” through the platform.

Silent Mode

Studies have already revealed a link between excessive smartphone use and poor mental health, especially for teenagers.

Silent Mode

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