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If you are wpndering about how the university life in Inonu University, you should readt this article to get an idea. Inonu University is located in Malatya. Inonu University is among the reputable and well-established universities of our country. It  is a university that provides education and training services to approximately 41000 students with 24 research and application centers, including 14 faculties, 2 colleges, 4 vocational schools, 6 institutes, 1 technopolis, and Turgut Ozal Medical Center. The university, which is 10 km away from the city center, continues its education, scientific research and application activities with the Malatya Vocational School in the city center and the Malatya OSB Vocational School in the Malatya Organized Industrial Zone, next to the central campus of 7000 decares.

The Main Campus:

Campus area; With its adequate infrastructure and qualified education facilities, it also enables students to spend their extracurricular time in the most efficient way with its multi-purpose culture halls, social facilities, sports and recreation areas. It is one of Turkey’s leading universities with training and practice centers for the disabled students. In addition, the Inonu Museum, which was opened in memory of the great statesman Ismet Inonu, named after the university, and the Turgut Özal Museum, where the private belongings of the 8th President Turgut Özal, named after our Turgut Ozal Medical Center, are exhibited, and the Inonu University Institutional Museum in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences building are located in our central campus.


In Inonu University Central Campus, where a total of 3,300 students are offered accommodation, there are state girls’ dormitories with a capacity of 2,500 people, and private dormitories for girls and boys with a capacity of 805 people.


The city offers several different types of options for transportation in the city. Transportation to Inonu University  is provided by trams, minibuses and buses. Transportation continues from 06:00 a.m until 12.30 a.m.  The students can reach the desired point at the university with trambuses, minibuses and buses. There is a tram bus service every 7 minutes.

Prep. School:

The  school was first established as the Department of Foreign Languages on November 4, 1981. Since the establishment of the department, it has conducted the university’s service courses. English preparatory education had been given since the academic year of 1991-1992.

Compulsory or optional foreign language programs are given in the School of Foreign Languages. Elective French and Persian courses of faculties, Russian, Chinese and Persian courses within the scope of elective university common courses are also given in the School of Foreign Languages.

The Library:

All kinds of information that students of Inonu University, academic and administrative staff  need and present them to users in the best way. Many different types of books are available in the library that students can use. The main library aims to support and improve the education and research of the staff and students; it also aims To collect all kinds of written-printed, electronic, audio-visual information sources and present them to the service of users.

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University Website: http://www.inonu.edu.tr/

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