Initiative Like Onlyfans from METU; “ODTUFANS”

Some Middle East Technical University (ODTU) students set up a website called “Odtufans”. In Odtufans, the Onlyfans like initiative of METU students, censored nude images are published uncensored as certain donation amounts are reached. On the site, “With this site, we are making an awareness campaign against the politicization of the female body.” METU students state that their graduate education will be supported by donations. Odtufans has been on the agenda in “Ekşi Sözlük”.

Social media speaks of “Odtufans”. Some METU students set up a website called “Odtufans”. “Odtufans” was seen as a onlyfans venture. This new initiative of METU students succeeded in making a splash on social media. So what is the content of “odtufans”?


As the donation amount determined in Odtufans is reached, uncensored versions of censored nude images are published. There is an explanation at the entrance of the site:

“With this site, we are campaigning to raise awareness against the politicization of the female body. The woman is the sole decision maker on her own body. We are against the politicization and censorship of the body. We expect a certain amount of donations to be collected for the opening of each tier below. Your donations will support our graduate education.”

The site is currently inaccessible.

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