Increase in the number of amoeba eating the human brain is expected!

Experts predict that with the deepening of the global climate crisis, people will seek water in various rivers and wetlands, and brain-eating amoebae will enter people’s brains through the nose. These amoebas, known to destroy the human brain, have never been seen in Turkey until today.

The world community, which has had a very difficult time due to the coronavirus epidemic and monkeypox, is also worried about new viruses that may arise due to the global climate crisis. Experts have warned of the ‘brain-eating amoeba’ that has taken the lives of many people in the United States.

amoeba eating the human brain


The brain-eating amoeba made its first appearance in some places in the United States recently, and it’s related to global climate change, experts said.


According to the news of Baris Yahya Çinçin from, brain-eating amoeba caused the death of a child who went swimming in the Elkhorn River in Nebreska last month.

amoeba eating the human brain


Brain-eating amoeba has never been seen in our country until now, but according to the theory of experts, these amoeba will be seen frequently in Central Asia and Africa in the coming years.

Experts argue that with the worldwide water scarcity, people will seek water in various rivers and wetlands, and amoeba in these waters will travel through the nose to people’s brains.

amoeba eating the human brain

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