İnciralti is a neighborhood located in Izmir’s Balcova district. The Aegean Sea is located to the north, Bahcelerarası district to the west, Sahilevleri and Narlidere to the east and Balcova district center to the south. It is understood from the buildings in the gardens and greenhouses that the English and Greeks had previously resided in Inciralti, built in the region and left after they migrated. Inciralti is a place known for its sea and beach in the 1960s, and many people were coming to the public beach in those years by boats. In addition, before the 2000s, the fish market was established in Inciralti.

One of the beautiful places to visit in Izmir is Inciralti Beach. When the people in İzmir are bored, they go to Inciralti because they have the opportunity to both shop and sit. In the past, there were only barracks in Inciralti, which is now very beautiful and magnificent houses. Those who had a barracks would go and live there during the summer vacation. Everyone knew each other when it had a very clean and calm beach. It would be nice if it was that calm now. You can take walks with your loved ones in Inciralti, which has a very beautiful and long coastline, and you can sit by the beach and have a chat. If you wish, you can spend time in the cafes and restaurants on the beach.

Everything is available on the beautiful beach. Even though it is not very busy, the most beautiful thing on Inciralti beach where there are fishing boats is to bid farewell to all the stress and fatigue of the city by listening to the sound of the waves.


If you wish, you can start your Inciralti beach tour by having breakfast at the cafes on the beach. Then, you can do your shopping at the shopping center 50 meters from the beach and visit the Izmir Maritime Museum, which is also located on the coast.


If you ask how to get to Inciralti; For those who do not have a car, 311,486,554 buses depart from Konak.

You can use it to go to Inciralti by using Ozdilek shuttles departing from Mimkent, Ege Ordu, Konak, Bacova Ucyol from certain places.

For those who have a car, you will see the Inciralti sign on the way from Konak to Balcova direction from the coastline, and if you follow the junction, you will arrive at Inciralti.

Also, you can use the ferries or sea vehicles that operate in Bostanli Uckuyular.


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