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Images Containing “Child Abuse” Found in His Home

In Austria, 58,000 images of child abuse have been found in the home of actor Florian Teichtmeister. Burgtheater, the oldest theater in the country with a history of 274 years, dismissed Teichtmeister and removed the play he played from the stage.

The historical theater decided to part ways with the actor after 58 thousand pieces of visual material containing child abuse were found in the home of the country’s famous theater and film actor Teichtmeister, as part of the investigation by the Vienna District Prosecutor’s Office.


In a statement made on the theater’s website, it was reported that the play in which Teichtmeister took part was canceled due to the presence of images containing childabuse in Teichtmeister’s house and the actor’s confessions on this subject. Meanwhile, experts said that the accusations against the famous actor were made public on January 13, and that the decision of the theater against the actor was too late. made his critique.

Prosecutor’s Office MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT

Vienna District Prosecutor’s Office announced that 58 thousand visual data containing childabuse were obtained in the famous actress’s home, and the said images and photographs were recorded on 22 different devices.

Child Abuse

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