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How is the university life in Igdir? What does the university offer to its students? If you want to learn the answers of these questions, read this article and find aswers to your questions. Igdir University was established in 2008. So, it is a young university. Since 2008, The university has largely completed its establishment phase both physically and academically. as of today, the university has a total of 6380 students (278 academic, 199 administrative, 164 auxiliary staff and 3366 undergraduate, graduate 2516, 495 master’s and 3 postgraduate ). Also, it has 7 faculties, 2 colleges, 4 vocational schools, 3 institutes, 6 coordinators, 18 application and research centers. Igdir University, one of the youngest universities in our country, continues its rapid development with the projects it has implemented and ongoing. It has two campuses; Suveren Campus and Karaagac Campus.

Igdir University aims to contribute to the development of the country and the region in terms of idea, thought, technology development and application, laying the foundations of being an international university and becoming an attractive and leading university in the region.

The Main Campus:

Igdir University Campus

There are many clubs that appeal to different interests of students, such as Personal Development Communities, Ideal Youth, Green Crescent, Photography and Cinema, Theology, Culture and Art Folklore, Bridge, Social Movements, Tourism and Research, Literature,Theater, Music Festival and Entertainment, Healthy Life, Young Tem Student, Erasmus and Religious Music. In addition,The students can join the football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, boxing teams of Igdir University.


Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and private dormitories meet the accommodation needs of Igdir University students. In the city, there is a dormitory belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution with a capacity of 1000 people, 500 male and 500 female students. Students who cannot gain the right to stay in state or university dormitories receive accommodation services from many private dormitories in the province, and there are sufficient rented apartments in the city for students who prefer home life.


Igdir University is located in the city center of Igdir. You can reach here by public transportation departing from the city center.

Prep. School:

It conducts the Foreign Language Preparatory Education and common compulsory foreign language courses of the faculties and colleges of the students who enroll in the departments of the Faculties and Schools affiliated to the university with Preparatory Classes and who did not take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam held at the beginning of the academic year or failed.

The Library:

Igdir University Library

Many different types of books are available in the library that students can use. In Igdir University Library halls of the Karaagac and Suveren campuses of the university, printed documents obtained from various sources are offered to the readers. The library on the Karaagac Campus is kept open after the end of weekdays in order to provide library services to the university academic and administrative staff and students. The library staff includes 1 department head, 1 branch manager, 3 librarians and 1 computer operator.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.igdir.edu.tr

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