Ice Cream in Turkey

At first glance, it may seem strange, what is special about ordinary ice cream? But only if you are not in Turkey! After all, it is here that ice cream is not only different in taste, but also served with a special presentation.

The Turkish name of the ice cream is Dondurma.

How does it differ from ordinary ice cream and what is it made of?

It is prepared from milk, sugar, salep and mastic. The presence of salep in dondurma as a thickener and mastic gives ice cream the properties of rigidity and stickiness, so this dish is sometimes eaten with a knife and fork. Dondurma melts much slower than regular ice cream.

Dondurma, as well as ordinary ice cream, can be classic and with various additives. As additives and fillers, Turkish manufacturers try to use only natural ingredients: fruits, berries, nuts, cocoa, caramel. Various combinations of these ingredients allow you to create more than 100 varieties of dondurma. The dondurma tape can be pulled out of the tray with a spoon to a fairly decent height, which looks very impressive.

It is believed that his birthplace is the Turkish city of Kahramanmarash, so dondurma is often called “Marash ice cream

A show on the street to sell ice cream is what it’s worth coming to Turkey for. If you notice a huge crowd of people, especially with children, near the counter, be sure they sell dondurma there. Sometimes it’s not even about trying the taste of ice cream, but about watching a show or participating in it.

Usually 2 young guys loudly mix ice cream in a container, thereby attracting attention. Then, seeing a potential buyer on the horizon, they start their “game”. When a customer approaches them, they tease him with amazing dexterity, thereby fueling interest in trying that same tidbit.

Don’t get upset if you can’t outwit the ice cream man, because sooner or later he will give you your dessert.

Ice Cream Prices (Dondurma)

The pricing policy here is quite overpriced, compared to other countries. After all, the price includes not only the ice cream itself, but also the show that is being played out for you.

At least one cone will cost you from 25 lira, but believe me, it’s worth trying once and playing a “game” with an ice cream maker.

The Most Popular Place

According to Fobres magazine, its top “12 establishments of the best ice cream” includes one chain, which is located in Turkey. Its name is “Mado”. It is here that the most delicious ice cream is sold, and if you try it together with a national dessert called Baklava, then you will never forget this taste.

Mado Ice Cream

Ice cream is loved by almost everyone, regardless of age and status, so during your stay in Turkey, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and try this unique sweetness.

You can read this Article in Russian language : Мороженое в Турции

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