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How to Solve Bothers Shoe Problem?

If you have a shoe that you love, but it hurts your feet every time you wear it, we are here to give you good news. You can throw your scarves away! We solve the problem of bothers shoes!

  • an old newspaper
  • one deep freezer
  • several small bag
  • one basin
  • water

Cut the newspaper into small pieces. Then put the newspapers in the basin filled with water. After five minutes, take the softened newspapers and put them in the bag. Place the bag of newspaper on the part of your shoe that bothers you and put the shoes in the freezer. Wet newspapers will expand and swell in the cold, helping to expand the uncomfortable part of the shoe. It is ideal for the care of all kinds of rubber, sports and leather shoes.

WARNING: Check your shoes after a few hours because ice can expand excessively and burst your shoes.

When you put your bothers shoe in the freezer more than once and take them out, you can easily see that they open well and the mold expands.

Ece Nagihan

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