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How To Fix “My Phone Is Not Charging” Problem?

My phone is not charging, what should I do? Here is what causes the “not charging” or “slow charging” problem, which is often experienced on iPhone and Android phones, and what is the solution, we have prepared for you in this article.

Any phone from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other brand may have a slow charging problem. Don’t worry if your phone isn’t charging when you plug it into your charger. The charging problem is not as serious a problem as you might think. There are quick and easy solutions that you can apply at home instead of taking the phone to the service. In this guide, we focus on the causes and possible solutions for “my phone is not charging”.

Why is the Phone Not Charging

Phone not charging? There are several reasons why your iPhone or Android phone may not charge. The cable, charger, socket or adapter may be faulty. Dirt and debris may have accumulated in the charging port. There may be an app installed that is interrupting the charging process. Maybe a software update is required.

Here are the most common reasons why the phone won’t charge, and for most of these issues, you don’t need to take your phone in for service;

  • Damaged power cord
  • Defective accessory
  • Dirty charging port
  • Third party apps
  • Overheating

What to Do If the Mobile Phone is Not Charging

So, what should you do if your Android phone or iPhone is not charging? Here are the simple steps you can take for the solution:

Check the Charging Cable, Adapter And Socket, Replace if Necessary

Inspect the charging cable thoroughly and look for any obvious signs of damage. Any tear, kink, cut or general damage is a good reason for cables not working properly. Try charging another device with this cable and see if it works. If it works then the problem may be with your phone. You can also try using another cable to see if it will charge your smartphone battery.

Plug another device into the outlet where you are trying to charge your phone and see if it works. Sometimes outlets break or part of your home may have electrical problems. Additionally, some power supplies may be weak. If you find problems with your outlet, try other outlets in the house. If you’re trying to charge via a USB port on your computer or with an extension cable, your phone may not be getting the power it needs to charge. Switch to a normal outlet and see if you can get rid of the charging issue.

Clean the Charging Port

If your cable and charger are charging other devices, it’s time to take a look at your phone. One of the most common reasons for the phone not charging is the charging port. The place where you plug the charging cable should not be full of dirt and grime. A dirty port will hinder the charging process. You can try cleaning the charging port with a brush or compressed air. Ports can wear out with excessive use. You may also find signs of oxidation. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it other than replace the phone or port.

Try Charging on the Wireless Charging Stand

If your phone supports wireless charging and you have a wireless charging stand, you can easily test if the problem is with the phone or the accessories. Try charging your phone with a wireless charger. This can also be a temporary solution to keep your phone running until you understand and fix the problem. If your phone is not charging, you may have a bigger battery issue.

Restart; Simple But Effective Solution

Sometimes a simple reboot will fix all your phone’s hardware and get it working properly. Turning off the phone completely also allows the battery to charge better. Heavy usage or background processes can affect charging performance. Turning off your phone frees up all resources so your device can only focus on charging. Press and hold the power key and tap restart or turn it off completely.

If You Have Completely Exhausted the Battery, Let it Charge for A While

Your phone needs at least some power to keep working properly. Phones actually shut down before the battery reaches zero so it has some power the next time you turn it on. It’s common to run into problems when your battery is completely dead. In this case, you need to be patient; the phone needs to be plugged in longer than usual. Finally the phone turns on and starts charging.

“Samsung Phone Not Sharging”

Your Samsung phone may not charge due to reasons such as dirt and grime accumulated in the charging port other than fake cables, chargers, sockets or adapters, applications that interrupt the charging process (usually applications downloaded from outside the store).

Check the charging adapter and charging port. If there is water and wetness in the charging port, the phone may not charge. There may be a software problem; try restarting your phone. Charging with a wireless charging stand is also a solution.

Xiaomi Phone Not Charging Solution

Broken cable, charger, socket or adapter, dirt or dust in the charging port, third-party apps that interfere with the charging process can cause your Xiaomi phone to not charge.

If the cable and charging adapter are not damaged, the first thing you should do is clean the charging port. USB-C ports are more prone to dirt buildup. Remove any dust or dirt that accumulates, especially on the metal essential contacts, by shining a flashlight into the charging port.

Huawei Phone Not Charging Solution

Your phone may not charge because the charging port is broken or clogged.

Physically examine the charging port of the phone. Look carefully for any lint, debris or dirt that could block the port and clean it with compressed air or an ESD brush. This will also reduce the chances of damaging your phone due to shorting device components. Sometimes charging issues can be fixed with a simple reboot.

iPhone Not Charging Solution

Check your charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage, such as broken or bent. Do not use damaged accessories. Use a wall outlet and check for a tight connection between the charging cable, USB wall adapter and wall outlet or AC power cord, or try charging at a different outlet.
Remove any debris from the phone’s charging port then firmly plug the charging cable into the phone. Keep the phone charged for half an hour; If it’s still not responding, force restart your phone. Charge the phone for another half hour.

If your phone still won’t turn on or charge, take your phone with its charging cable and adapter to an Apple Store or authorized service provider, or contact Apple Support.

If your iPhone or Android phone is not charging when plugged in, try these simple solutions before servicing. These steps are Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, “my phone is not charging”, etc., regardless of brand and model. It will most likely solve your problem.

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