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How Much Is The FAST Limit? 2023

With the regulation made by the CBRT, the FAST transaction limit increased from 5 thousand liras to 20 thousand liras. You can use FAST for money transfers up to 20 thousand TL.

The upper limit of the FAST (Instant and Continuous Transfer of Funds) system, implemented by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey for 24/7 instant money transfer between different banks, has increased from 5 thousand TL to 20 thousand TL.

How Much Is The FAST Limit?

The FAST limit increased from 2 thousand liras to 5 thousand liras on February 14 last year. With the increase made today, the FAST transaction limit has increased to 20 thousand TL. The FAST limit will be applied as 20 thousand TL throughout 2023.

You can use the FAST option for money transfers up to 20 thousand TL. If you want to transfer more than 20 thousand TL, you can use FAST by making a piecemeal transaction.

Money transfers made with FAST take place in a few seconds. In addition, thanks to FAST, the problem of long IBAN numbers is eliminated. You can transfer money by entering the phone number or e-mail address registered in the FAST system of the person you will send money to. In the first quarter of this year, the TR-Matrix feature will come to FAST. By scanning the QR code, we will be able to make payments and money transfers without a password, card or contact.

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