How Many Immigrants Were Sent to Their Country This Year?

The Migration Administration announced that 21,087 irregular migrants were sent to their country this year. It was stated that 9 thousand 654 of them are Afghan nationals and 4 thousand 206 of them are Pakistani.


Currently, there are 695 irregular migrants in the 800-capacity Migrant Removal Center in Akyurt, Ankara, which is one of the 25 Migrant Removal Centers in Turkey. Illegal immigrants caught by the security forces are brought to these centers after biometric photographs and fingerprints are taken.


There are irregular migrants from 80 different nationalities in the Removal Centers. The majority of these immigrants are people from Afghanistan , Syria and Pakistan. Immigrants gathered in the centers are sent back to their countries in 2-3 weeks, Pakistani nationals in 3-4 weeks, and immigrants from African countries in 2-3 months, in accordance with European Human Rights provisions. As of this year, 21,087 irregular migrants have been deported. Of these, 9,654 were Afghan nationals. Since 2016, 320,172 illegal immigrants have been repatriated.


There are 25 Migrant Removal Centers across Turkey, with a capacity of approximately 17 thousand, and it is aimed to have 30 units and a capacity of 30 thousand as of May. In the fight against migrant smuggling, administrative and criminal actions were taken against 2,254 migrant smugglers this year.
At the Immigrant Removal Center in Ankara, there are facilities such as a cafeteria for immigrants, a playground, a ventilation area with basketball and volleyball courts, and a children’s playground . Today, 20 illegal immigrants, 19 Afghans and one Algerian, were sent to Akyurt Immigrant Removal Center, in vehicles to be deported.

Stating that the information of irregular migrants is shared in a database in which the General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command and the Directorate of Migration Management, affiliated to the Ministry of Interior , are integrated, the Directorate General of Combating Irregular Migration and Deportation Affairs of the Directorate General of Migration Management Ramazan Seçilmis used the following statements: ;

“Removal Centers are centers where irregular migrants, that is, migrants who enter Turkey illegally, or foreigners who enter legally and continue to remain illegal, or who are involved in crime and disrupt public order, are held until they are deported. Irregular migrants caught by law enforcement officers are handed over to Provincial Immigration Authorities by taking their photographs and fingerprints into a common database integrated with the General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command and the Directorate of Migration Management. Deportation and administrative detention decision is taken by the Provincial Migration Administration for irregular migrants and they are kept in the Removal Center.”

“Foreigners with a travel document are IMMEDIATELY EXCLUDED”

Stating that illegal immigrants with travel documents are sent directly to their countries, Directorate General of Combating Irregular Migration and Deportation Affairs of the Directorate of Migration Management, Seçilmiş said, “All immigrants taken here are taken for an interview. As a result of the interview, identification, nationality and travel document are determined. Foreigners with travel documents are immediately deported. Foreigners who do not have a travel document can contact their consulate and obtain travel information either by interview method or by sharing their biometric information. Afterwards, they will be deported by making a flight program,” he said.


Underlining that 320,172 irregular immigrants have been sent to their country since 2016, Seçilmis said, “Extra-border is one of the pillars of the fight against irregular migration. Apart from this, our country takes all measures regarding irregular migration. There are activities we do in the source countries for the solution of the problem as well as the activities we do for humanitarian and conflict conditions. There are also measures we take at the border. This year, 127,456 irregular immigrants were prevented from entering Turkey by the appointment of the Gendarmerie Special Operations, Police Special Operations and security guards just behind the border line with security walls, UAV flights, ditches, wire fences, and measures were taken to prevent irregular immigrants from entering Turkey. .


Emphasizing that 55,267 irregular migrants were apprehended this year and that the proceedings for 12 thousand irregular migrants are still ongoing, Seçilme said, “These irregular migrants have been handed over to Removal Centers for deportation by law enforcement units. In addition, it fights against migrant smuggling. This year, 2,254 migrant smugglers were prosecuted,” he said.


Noting that the last leg of the struggle is deportation, and that it is aimed to end the struggle that started in his country at the source by sending him back to his country, Seçilmis said, “This year, we sent 21,087 irregular migrants to their country. Of these, 9,654 are irregular migrants of Afghan nationality, and 4,206 irregular migrants from Pakistan. UAV

1730 irregular migrants caught in 7 days in Istanbul

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