How does Preschool Education System Work in Turkey?

Preschool education has a great place in development and shaping of personality, preparing to life as a healthy individual of a child.

Education in human life never ends and keeps on permanently. Foundations of education life which will start from birth and run out with death will be laid in first age of 6 years. This period is referred to early childhood period. Education of early childhood period firstly commences in family and continues during school.

Pre-school education system in Turkey has increased its importance in recent years and campaign for preschool education from metropolitans to the remotest settlement regions has been initiated.

Objective of the Institutions giving Preschool Education in Turkey

Preschool education institutions was used to relieve load of working mothers and fathers and criticized for serving like a nursery to children. In today’s Turkey, this situation has completely disappeared and preschool education has transformed to a full education for children.

Preschool education institutions in Turkey has been designed in the healthiest way for physical, social, emotional and scientific development of children and begun to play very efficient role in preparing children to the future.

UNICEF describes preschool education institutions as “best place to start to life” and emphasizes to give equal opportunities to all children. In this regard, in preschool education period, it is purposed that children

  • are prepared in best manner to the education systems in the future,
  • may express themselves,
  • may able to perceive to be individual in society,
  • ae aware of their talents and limits,
  • emerge their skills in best manner,
  • are trained as a social individual.

How are Enrolment Procedures Carried Out in Preschool Education System of Turkey?

There exist preschool education institutions which present different education possibilities for all children between age 0-6. These institutions may be found as private institutions as well as “infant school” within state schools.

Enrolments for preschool education begin from third week of June. Enrolments are actualized only over e-school system and no certificate is requested for enrolments.

For enrolment of foreign children to preschool education institutions, presence of residence permit is needed. Enrolments of the foreign children whose application continue and have temporary identity number are arranged based on the information in their passports or residence permits.

Each child who complete 36 months and does not turn 66 months can enrol to preschool education institutions.

Primary school enrolments of the children who complete 66 months and arrive primary school period may be delayed upon health reports or written request of parent and they are entitled to enrol with priority to preschool education institutions.

Differences Provided to Children by Preschool Education in Turkey

Especially in recent years, Turkey has given necessary importance to preschool education and started to obtain positive effects of early childhood education. Because, early childhood education  is an important education stage which offers contribution not only to children but also family, society, economy and contemporary development. Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) which is quite efficient on this object in Turkey deduces on positive effect of early period education as follows

  • more productive children in the long run,
  • more efficient in problem solving,
  • creative
  • advanced level development in language, mental, physical and social skills,
  • decrease in social crimes
  • increase of education quality and characteristics,
  • rise in number of qualified and skilled personnel in society,

may only become possible with preschool education.

Early education period in Turkey starts at age 5 for each child. However, each child who turns age 3 may participate in preschool education programs in private education institutions. State also makes supporting assistance at certain amounts to families for preschool education in Turkey.

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  1. Josefina Ramirez head at greeneryhouse early years center in Chile
    We want to contact schools to send short videos with advice on how to protect oneself in earthquakes events
    We think advice shown by peers 4or 5 year olds, who have experienced earthquakes ?”, and live a similar situation may be of help

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