How can Foreigners Get Free PCR Test in Turkey?

Thanks to both vaccination and social distance measures, Turkey managed to reach an important level for fighting against Covid-19 at the last times. With the Ministry of Internal Affairs circular that came into effect as of September 6, 2021, many activities in social life were bound to certain rules. According to this application, cinema, theater, sports competitions and so on. Negative PCR testing or vaccination was required for mass events. In addition, the same application was made for people who will travel between cities by public transportation. Just like Turkish citizens, the same rules apply to foreign nationals. If you do not have the Covid-19 vaccine and are legally in Turkey, you must have a negative PCR test both to participate in mass events and to travel between cities. In this article, we will inform foreigners about free PCR testing in Turkey.

How to Get Free PCR Test?

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, it was stated that no fee will be charged for the PCR tests applied for compulsory conditions in all public hospitals. Accordingly, foreigners who are legally in Turkey and foreigners who are illegal can have PCR tests done free of charge in state hospitals, if they state their situation. Moreover, there are no limitations on testing. In addition, if you are a foreigner who is illegal in Turkey and you do not have a foreigner’s identification number starting with 99, you do not have the chance to get vaccinated legally yet. As of October 2021, only foreigners who have entered Turkey legally can have the Covid-19 vaccine, but there is no such restriction on PCR testing.


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