How Can Foreigners Get Driving License in Turkey ?

The foreigners who live in Turkey want to discover all of the different regions of the country with unique landscapes and historical buildings. Driving a vehicle stands out as the most comfortable transportation alternative to visit these places. Turkey provided access to all the city has an extensive network of highways with high quality. The foreigners must have a valid driving license to drive different kinds of vehicles in Turkey. Foreigners have their drivers’ licenses, as they have taken from their own country can use for a limited time in Turkey. But the longer this time when the foreign driver’s licenses must not replace the driver’s license in Turkey. You will find all of the procedures for  our article and get a new driver’s license in Turkey.

Which Driving Licenses are Accepted in Turkey legally ?

The minimum age for driving an automobile or a minibus is 18, and the minimum age for driving a motorcycle is 17 in Turkey. The driver must have a valid driver’s license in order to drive a motor vehicle. In addition, driver’s license, vehicle license and Traffic Insurance Policy should be carried on the vehicle in all travels and submitted to the relevant authority upon request.

What are the Foreign Driver’s License Conditions of Use in Turkey?

For the accommodations up to 180 days, foreigners who visit Turkey as a tourist, can use their valid driving licenses that was taken by their own countries in Turkey. If the foreign driver does not have a photograph on the driver’s license, the International Driver’s License or Permit (IDL / P) must be carried. In order to be valid, the International Driving License is used with a valid driving license. At the end of 6 months must be taken of the driver’s license issued by Turkey.

Foreign citizens can drive their vehicles with their valid driver licenses in Turkey. However, the translated driver’s license certified by an authorized notary in Turkey should be available at all times. Notarized translation, notarization and certification services offering a Turkish translation company or consular office in Turkey about where certified interpreters (or embassy) can be provided.

How is the procedure for changing the driving license in Turkey ?

Foreigners who want to obtain a new Turkish driving license and who already have a foreign driving license do not need to take the driving license exam. Instead, foreigners who need a driver’s license can complete their procedures by submitting an online appointment via the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs ( and submit the documents requested below at the specified day and time.

What are the Documents Required in the Process of Changing the Driver’s License from Foreign Countries ?

  • Original and colourful copy of the foreign driver’s license
  • Turkish notarized or consulate translation of driver’s license
  • ID Card
  • Health Report of Driver
  • Driving license, valuable paper and fee, foundation share
  • 1 biometric photo
  • Written statement indicating the blood group
  • Learning Certificate, notarized translation of the learning documents received from abroad
  • Criminal Record Certificate (It is controlled electronically in the system.)

The foreign driving license is returned upon completion of the application process. If all documents are submitted completely and accurately, the application process will be completed and the new driver’s license will be delivered to the address specified by PTT within 15 days.

What are the steps to be followed for foreigners who will get a driver’s license for the first time ?

Without a driver’s license in order to use the vehicle in traffic of foreigners who settled in Turkey are required to take the training and successfully complete the testing procedures and required documents by providing driver’s licenses consists of the following items.

  • First aid, motor and traffic training
  • 12 hours of practical driving training
  • Driving License Exam
  • Driving Test

Driving License Exam                                        

It’s known as an exam that determines the level of first aid, motor and traffic training of driver candidate and it’s applied in Turkish. A translator can accompany for the exam with the candidate. A minimum score of 70 is required to be successful in the exam.

Driving Test

The driver candidate who completed the theoretical exam successfully, entitled to take the driving test exam. The test takes at least 15 minutes and tests the candidate’s driving skills in traffic.

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