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How are tourists deceived in Turkey?

It is no secret that Turkey take one of the first places where tourists are constantly deceived. Having lived in Istanbul for more than 6 months, we can confidently give advice on how not to fall for the most popular deceptions in Turkey. Now we will tell you about the top 5 deceptions of tourists.

1. Taxi. As soon as you arrive in this beautiful country and decide to use a taxi, we strongly recommend that you check in advance how much it costs to start a trip. At the moment (02.04.2022) the price is 7 liras. Each taxi has a counter installed. Be sure to check whether it is included and what the price is there. If it is not turned on, ask the driver to turn it on at the same time.

Also, when trying to catch a taxi on the street, never agree to drive to your destination for a certain amount. As a rule, taxi drivers call the price 2-3 more than have.

2. Shoe cleaner. The second most popular deception of tourists is a fallen brush. Walking down the street, suddenly a shoe brush falls near you, of course, trying to help you pick it up and give it to the owner. In gratitude, he offers to clean your shoes, and then after cleaning it turns out that the service is paid. And at that moment you can’t get away. Just one advice, run;)

3. Original Chanel perfume for 5 euros. Turkey is a country of fake things, but what you can be offered on the street is incomparable to anything. Quite often you can meet men with packages that offer you to buy various perfumes for a ridiculous price. They assure you that they work in Duty Free and offer to buy perfume at a good price. First they will name the price of 30 euros, and then they can bargain up to 5 euros. Opening the coveted package, you will find nothing just water.

4. Stores without prices. We recommend visiting only large chain stores, since there are no prices at all in private stores. Sellers come up with prices themselves, having examined you from head to toe. You can pay 3 times more.

5. This item does not apply to deception of tourists, but we strongly recommend looking at prices in tourist places, because there they can be several times more expensive. The most delicious food in the cafe is where there are a lot of locals.

Come to Turkey and be careful. 🙂

You can read this article in Russian language: Как в Турции обманывают туристов?

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