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How Are Search and Rescue Dogs Trained?

How Are Search and Rescue Dogs Trained?

Proteo, the search and rescue dog of the team that came to Adıyaman from Mexico after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, lost its life during the wreckage studies. Mexico-based newspaper El Financiero announced that the training of search and rescue dogs begins when they are 4 months old.

The newspaper El Financiero wrote about how and how long it takes to train search and rescue dogs.

Following the death of the Mexican team’s search and rescue dog Proteo, which continued its work in Adıyaman, where earthquakes caused destruction, the team held a moment of silence in memory of Proteo and held a ceremony.

Proteo was one of 16 dogs that came to Turkey from Mexico as part of search and rescue efforts.


These dogs, who are trained under the Ministry of Defense of Mexico, are microchip placed at 3 months of age and their identities are removed. After the dogs are 4 months old, they start training by being integrated into the search and rescue teams and their training continues until they are one year old. Dogs are then divided into various specialties in the army. One of these specialties is the rescue of people in natural disasters.

The dog named Proteo was named after Proteus, son of Poseidon in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Proteus can predict the future.


Proteo’s field trainer and officer in charge, Villeda, said after the dog’s death: “I want to say that I am so proud of you because you have always been a strong, hardworking dog that never gives up. Unfortunately, you won’t make it. I will always remember you for coming back with me. I hope all Mexico will always remember you, never forget you. We will meet again one day,” he said.

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Editor’s Note: My dear friend Proteo, Turkish people will never forget you. We’re grateful for what you’ve done.

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