Horrifying mutant pigeon video goes viral

The video of the mutant pigeon with swollen necks and huge feet caused a great surprise among internet users. This strange-looking animal, thought to be the English Pouter pigeon, is a species that emerged as a result of selective breeding. With the video going viral, mutant-looking animals trended online.

The video of the mutant pigeon with swollen necks and huge feet, terrifying internet users, caused a great surprise on online platforms. This strange looking animal is believed to be an English Pouter pigeon, which is spreading fast on social media. The image shows the bird hovering over a table, bouncing its chest like a muscular bodybuilder.


There is no information about where the video of the pigeon, whose strong stance resembles a robot, was shot, but this rare pigeon species can be found in Europe and England. These bizarre images went viral on the internet and have been viewed more than 23 million times. However, the viewers were horrified. Some of the comments made under the video are as follows;

  • This is the weirdest animal I’ve ever seen
  • Looks like a Toy Story character
  • There’s nothing scarier than this.
  • It’s a huge inconvenience
  • It is clear that nature did not create such a thing, the poor thing wanders without seeing its own feet
  • We did it, people are really monsters

Here is the dove that astonished those who saw it;

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