Historical moments: The first tourist passenger was launched into space!

As part of the Galactic02 mission organized by Virgin Galactic, a civilian tourist was launched into space for the first time. That’s the moment.

Virgin Galactic has reached an important milestone with its flight in the past hours. The company, which launched its first civilian tourists into space with its vehicle called VSS Unity, got the result of 20 years of work. The Galactic02 flight also represents one of the most important steps towards making space tourism a reality.

First civilian tourists moved to space with Galactic02

The crew of three customers took off on Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity aircraft. VSS Unity, which took off from the USA, reached an altitude of over 279 thousand feet (85 km) with the support of the main aircraft named VMS Eve. At this altitude, he had the chance to wander in the vacuum of space for about 5 minutes.

Space tourists on the plane won their tickets through a lottery. Among the passengers were an entrepreneur Keisha Schahaff and her daughter Anastatia Mayers. Schahaff and Mayers also made history as the first mother-daughter tourists to reach space. The third passenger was Jon Goodwin, an 80-year-old Parkinson’s patient.

Tickets for flights into space have variable prices. However, it was stated that the prices paid for the flights reached up to 450 thousand dollars. In addition, it was stated that 800 tickets for space tourism have been sold, 600 of which are 250 thousand dollars.

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