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“Hello Spring” Festival in Russia: Maslenitsa

“Hello Spring” Festival in Russia: Maslenitsa

The village of Cossack, located in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia, is hosting the festival as part of Maslenitsa, a folk festival celebrating the arrival of spring and farewell to winter. In addition to the traditional games played in local clothes, the local people who play traditional games also enjoy the festival.

The week-long Maslenitsa Festival, also known as “Butter Week”, has begun in Russia. Locals and tourists took to the streets to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Dating back to pagan times, the feast is traditionally celebrated by feasting on blini (pancakes) and other rich foods before Lent begins.


Maslenitsa is also seen by Russians as a time to socialize, sing and dance.

One of the biggest celebrations in Moscow takes place on Tverskaya Square, where a large fair with vendors selling traditional Russian dishes and crafts is held.


The square also features a tall bust of Lady Maslenitsa, which will be cremated on the last day of the festival to mark the end of winter.



Other cities in Russia also celebrate Maslenitsa in their own way. Petersburg, the public participates in a “pancake battle” where teams compete to see who can make the most pancakes in a given time frame.


Celebrations in Yaroslavl include ice skating, horse-drawn carriages and fireworks displays.

On the other hand, for many Russians, Maslenitsa is a beloved holiday, representing the beginning of a new season and a time of renewal.


“Maslenitsa is a celebration of life, meeting friends and family, and welcoming the warmth and light of spring after a long, dark winter,” said one Muscovite. aforementioned.


Many events are held as part of the festival in the village of Cossack in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia.

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