Heaven-Hell Valley, Hakkari

Heaven and Hell Valley, located at an altitude of 3,500 where all four seasons are experienced together, draws attention with its natural beauties. You can find places to visit in Heaven and Hell Valley in our content…

About Heaven Hell Valley

Located within the provincial borders of Hakkari and 45 kilometers from Hakkari, the Heaven-Hell Valley is a place worth seeing and seeing. A stream of the same name passes through the Valley of Heaven and Hell. Nature lovers who go to the region organize activities such as camping, mountain sports, rock climbing and nature walks while exploring hidden paradises.

Cilo Bozlari

It is located within the borders of Yazılı Village of Yüksekova district of Hakkari. The 4180 meter high Cilo Mountain resembles the Alps with its steep slopes, glacial lakes, continuous snow and kilometers of glaciers. There are nearly 10 glaciers 3000 meters above and above the Cilo Mountains. Some of these glaciers are several kilometers long and 350 to 820 meters wide. The thickness of the ice was measured as 20 meters in some places and 100 meters in others. The color of the ice changes from light blue to greenish blue. It is possible to see the caves formed in the ice floes in the 3500-year-old Glacial Mountains.

Mergan Valley

Mergan Valley is a place where local people spend every season except winter due to its lush nature, animal husbandry and natural environment. While snow can be seen at various points on the steep mountains, various flowers on flat areas offer a visual feast.

Berçelan Plateau

Berçelan Plateau and its surroundings are a region with mountaineering, skiing, trekking opportunities and beautiful vegetation. Berçelan plateau, like other plateaus, is a plateau where local people migrate to graze their animals and use their products in summer and live in traditional black tents. It is located 18 kilometers north of Hakkari city centre. Seyithan glacial lake, located around the plateau, adds a distinctive feature and beauty to the environment. Land hunting can also be done easily in the region where there are suitable areas for mountaineering and skiing. Golan Plateau, located to the west of Berçelan Plateau, is the most important ski resort of the region. The Golan Plateau can be reached by a 15-kilometer road.

Seyithan Lake

Seyithan Lake, located in Yazılı Village of Yüksekova district, is located close to the summit of Cilo Mountain. Seyithan Lake, which is intertwined with Berçelan Plateau, is one of the places preferred by mountain sports enthusiasts and tents are set up in summer and winter. It takes its source from the snow and white cold springs right next to it. The lake has a very beautiful appearance with its clear and deep blue color. It takes its name from Seyithan, son of Hakkari Bey, who is a hunting lover and rests on the edge of this lake every time he goes hunting.

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