He Wrapped The Thief In Plastic Wrap And Beat Him

In Kasımpaşa, Istanbul, 16-year-old C.B. caught the thief who tried to steal his motorcycle for the second time and beat him by wrapping him in cling film. The underage theft suspect was handed over to the children's dormitory where he stayed with the instruction of the prosecutor's office.

The incident occurred last Thursday at noon in Kasımpaşa Yahya Kahya neighborhood of Beyoğlu district.

Allegedly, a minor stole a motorcycle belonging to C.B. (16) in the neighborhood. The youth identified the thief on CCTV cameras but could not catch him.

After a while, the same thief caught sight of another new motorcycle belonging to C.B. in the neighborhood. The thief was caught by C.B. just as he was about to steal the motorcycle.

When the thief tried to escape, the young man caught him and wrapped the thief with plastic wrap from his feet to his neck. Then he hit the thief several times with the stretch box.

After the incident, C.B. reported to the police to hand over the thief who stole his motorcycle. Upon the notification, police teams arrived at the scene, detained the theft suspect and took him to the police station. The suspect, whose statement was taken at the police station and forensic procedures were carried out, was handed over to the children’s dormitory where he stayed with the instruction of the prosecutor’s office. No trace of C.B.’s first stolen motorcycle was found.

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