He Went to the Sea to Cool Off, His Life has Changed!

While working as a driver in the tourism sector in Antalya, the father of 4 children, Erhan Uludag, who became unemployed due to the pandemic, sells the metals he extracted by diving to the bottom of the sea on the world-famous beach of the city, and does not say money for money. Uludag stated that he produced 25 tons of iron last summer and 15 tons of iron so far this summer, and that his monthly income is between 25-30 thousand.

Erhan Uludag, the father of 4 children living in Antalya Muratpasa, was unemployed when the pandemic intervened while working as a driver in the tourism sector. Uludag, who couldn’t find a job despite looking for a job, noticed metals at the bottom of the water while swimming on the Konyaalti Beach, where he came to swim one day. Uludag, who comes to the beach every day with the idea that he can sell the iron for recycling, and dives to the bottom of the sea with his tubeless palette and glasses, started to extract between 100 and 150 kilos of metal per day, and by selling these metals for recycling, he made a monthly income of 25-30 thousand liras.


Last summer season 25, the determined man who has produced 15 tons so far this summer, goes to his village during the winter months and takes a vacation. The goal of Uludağ, which closed the debts accumulated in the pandemic with the income it earned, and bought a pickup truck to continue its business, is to get rid of rent and buy a house..


Stating that he was unemployed due to the pandemic while he was a driver in the tourism sector, Erhan Uludag said that his life changed when he discovered metals under water. Expressing that he made the necessary applications to evaluate metals, Uludag said, “Last year, I was seeing metal everywhere I went on the Konyaalti coastline. I removed 150-200 kilograms per day and 25 tons in total in the summer season. This season it was 15 tons. I write them all in a notebook. My monthly income. Between 25-30 thousand liras. I just adapted to this job. I bought a car for myself to do this job, I paid my debts from the pandemic. The pandemic not only put me in a lot of trouble, but also changed my life, “he said.


Explaining that he continues his work during the summer and goes to his village in the winter, Uludag said, “My wife was surprised at first. Sometimes I bring my family. Both the children go to the sea. It was like a vacation and a job for us. If I continue like this, I live in a rented house and get a house “Let’s not lose our faith. After we want to earn money, we earn all kinds of money,” he said.


Uludağ added that the citizens on the beach were very surprised when he was removing the metals from the water, adding that “I remove them as much as I can. I know 27 sunken places on the beach. If they say where they are, I will show them all and they are very dangerous”.

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