He Threw the Cat From on the Table at the Press Conference, Then Laughed!

While the excitement in the FIFA World Cup continues at full speed, scandalous events continue to occur. A press conference was held for the South American team before the fight between Brazil and Croatia, which will be played in the quarter-finals. Vinicius Junior, the star football player of the Brazilian National Team, attended the meeting. While the 22-year-old football player was answering questions, a cat jumped on the table and stood there for a while. The action of the Brazilian National Team responsible for the cat drew a great reaction.

After the completion of the round of 16 stage of the FIFA World Cup, football fans began to eagerly wait for the quarter-finals to be played. Vinicius Junior, the star football player of the Brazilian National Team, answered the questions of the media members at the press conference held before the match to be played between Brazil, which is shown as one of the favorites of the tournament, and Croatia, the last finalist.


A cat that came to the table while Vinicius Junior was making a speech, lay on the floor for a while and began to wait. At that moment, everyone accepted this situation as normal and there was laughter. In charge of the Brazilian National Team, he made a move that no one expected.


The officer sitting next to Junior grabbed the cat on the table and threw it to the ground.


While everyone was shocked after this move of the Brazilian National Team manager, the official and Vinicius Junior, who claimed to have left the cat slowly, met with laughter, and there was a great reaction on social media. Animal lovers, “How would you feel if they did the same thing to you?” He criticized the manager and the star football player with comments. Here are those moments…


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