He Lost 57 Kilos in 4 Months to Join the Military!

He Lost 57 Kilos in 4 Months to Join the Military!

Nuh Kılıç, who lives in Manisa Alaşehir and weighs 155 kilograms, started sports after being told “You cannot go to the military”. The patriotic teenager managed to lose 57 kilos in 4 months after a tight schedule. Noah will now go to the army to serve his nation.

Nuh Kılıç, the 6th child of a family of 7 children in Alaşehir, applied for military service 4 months ago. Kılıç, who was not recruited because he weighed 155 kilograms, experienced great sadness because he could not go to the army. Kılıç, who decided to lose weight in order to get rid of his excess weight, started sports and diet. After a strict program of 4 months, Kılıç lost 57 kilograms and dropped to 98 kilograms.



Explaining that he implemented the diet and sports program under the guidance of Defense Sports Trainer Adem Demirci, Kılıç said, “When I went to the military, I was told that I could not do my military service due to my excess weight. It was hard times. While I was thinking of having a stomach reduction surgery, we met with teacher Adem. He said that I could lose weight in a short time by working with discipline. Before losing weight. My life was very difficult. I was excluded and I felt obliged to stay away from social environments. Finally, when I went to the military for examination, they said I can’t go to the army with this weight. Then I became ambitious, stubborn and lost the necessary weight.
When she resented the words of Manisalı Noah ‘You can’t go to the military’, she burst into tears after what happened.



Defense Sports Trainer Adem Demirci said, “Noah shared his opinion that 4 months ago he was not recruited because he was overweight, and therefore he wanted to have stomach surgery. He said, “He can lose weight with sports and diet,” and dropped from 155 kilos to 98 kilos. He applied for military service. We congratulate him on his decision and we are proud of it.”


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