He hasn’t eaten for 17 years!

It was learned that 58-year-old Gholamreza Ardeshiri, who lives in Iran, has not eaten for 17 years and survived only by consuming carbonated drinks. “I don’t feel hungry. I stopped eating 17 years ago. I don’t know why either,” Ardeshiri said.

58-year-old Gholamreza Ardeshiri, who lives in Iran, attracted attention with his interesting lifestyle.

Saying that he stopped eating in 2006, Ardeshiri claimed that he had not consumed anything but carbonated drinks for 17 years.

Stating that he could finish a whole bottle of soda in one gulp, the 58-year-old man said, “I don’t feel hungry. I stopped eating 17 years ago. I don’t know why either,” he said.

I had a strange feeling: It was as if I had a hair-like object in my mouth

Stating that his condition cannot be expressed medically, Ardeshiri talked about the existence of a feeling in his stomach that causes him to choke when he eats.

Ardeshiri said, “I had a strange feeling, as if I had a hair-like object in my mouth. I felt that the head of this hair was in my mouth and the end was in my stomach, and no matter what I did, it was impossible to remove it. I can’t really describe it, but it was a horrible feeling.” he said.

Doctors couldn’t find a cure

Ardeshiri continued:
“Everyone recommended a different doctor and they went to great lengths to diagnose my illness. However, no diagnosis was made. I went to a lot of doctors to get rid of this feeling. As a last resort, I spoke to a psychiatrist. However, he has not yet found the reason by going to the root of the situation.”

He consumes 3 liters of carbonated drink a day: He gets sick when he sees someone eating

Stating that he slept very little during the day, Ardeshiri added that he consumed nearly 3 liters of carbonated beverages in 24 hours.

Finally, Ardeshiri stated that she could not even watch her family eat in front of her eyes and that she felt nauseous when she saw a person eating.

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  1. This type of story is quite dangerous if read by a wide audience. Some will actually believe the claims made, even though the human body cannon function without food for weeks, let alone years.

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