Have you visited Cold Water in Antalya?

While the people of Antalya have been roasting in the 50-degree heat with intense humidity in the last days, those who come to Demre district cool off in the cold water springs located on the right and left of the Cayagzi Port, with a temperature of about 10 degrees. 12-13 degrees in summer and winter. On the way to Demre’s Cayagzi Harbor, icy waters, which are believed to be healing, flow from the right and left of the road. Cold and sulphurous water gushes from everywhere between the rocks. The temperature of the water is around 12-13 degrees in summer and winter. The air temperature in the region these days is close to 50 degrees with intense humidity. People from Demreli and those who come to the district on holiday are breathing in the cold water. The cold water springs on the right and left of Cayagzi Harbor are filled and emptied throughout the day. Citizens come from the surrounding districts of Finike, Kumluca and Kas to cool off in the cold waters, especially on weekends.

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Cold Water Is Good For Diseases

It is stated that the waters, which are said to be healing, are also good for many skin diseases. It is believed that cold water, which is said to be good for muscle aches, sunburns, fungal diseases and insect bites, relaxes the human body. The spring waters on the right and left of the road were arranged by the Municipality of Demre and the Western Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA) with the ‘There is Life in Cold Water Project’ and swimming pools were created. Those who come to the springs rub the mud, which is said to be healing, on their faces and bodies. There are also small pools to clean after the mud. There is also a thousand-year-old deep pool from the Byzantine period in the region. Few people can enter this pool.

Keep The Body Cold For a Long

On the left of the road, there is a water source called ‘Burguc’, which is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach and is believed to be good for stomach and intestinal diseases. This is a great place, especially for young people. Young people who come here jump into the cold water together and cool off. You can swim under the stone from the water source to the small stream bed. You can stay in cold water for a few minutes at most. Many Demrelians come to cold water to cool off at night when they are overwhelmed by the heat. If you do not take a shower after cold water, the human body stays cool for a long time and does not feel the heat. Many Demrelians dive into cold water in the evening to sleep soundly at night.

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“Outdoor Temperature Is 50 Degrees”

Hüseyin Güneş, who came from Kaş to enter cold water, said, “My friend recommended the water in Demre. It is really beautiful. When I enter the water, I do not feel the heat, it is cold. “It freezes. It is very large and beautiful. I recommend it to everyone.” Ali Osman Yahsi, who came from Istanbul, said, “We are in Demre. It’s 50 degrees outside. The water is perfect here. It is a great wealth of Turkey. When you enter the water, you relax. We are waiting for the whole of Turkey here.”

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