Happy New Year 2022!

If you want to experience the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, we strongly recommend visiting the Taksim district in Istanbul. Here, as in the most tourist area of Istanbul, you can feel the approach of the New Year with all your might. The area is decorated with a huge number of charming installations that attract locals and tourists to visit, and of course, none of them leaves without memorable photos. During the New Year and Christmas, crowded cafes and shops, Istiklal, the most popular street in Istanbul, is decorated with bright lights. It’s truly charming. On the main Taksim Square you will find a Christmas tree and interesting Christmas decorations. Believe me, you will not leave without wonderful photos.

For tourists who have decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year, we recommend visiting the Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua, which is located at Istiklal Cd. No:171, 34433. You can walk along Istiklal Street or take the historic tram to the Galatasaray stop. The Temple of Antoine of Padua (locals call it San Antoine) is the largest Catholic shrine in Istanbul. This place attracts people not only believers, but also heretics, the lost and apostates. The entrance to the church is free, the main thing is not to interfere with the service and the faithful. The temple is comfortably hidden in the depths of a small courtyard formed by two original houses. The houses and the temple were built almost simultaneously, so the architect Giulio Mongeri designed the buildings in the same style of Venetian Neo-Gothic. Outside the church, in the courtyard, you can take a picture with a Christmas tree. On Catholic Christmas, the entire courtyard is covered by a Christmas fair, where you can buy gifts to family and friends, buy hand made souvenirs, Christmas garlands, as well as drink a cup of hot wine if you are cold. Once inside the temple, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by its beauty and grandeur. You can pray, listen to church singing, buy candles (their cost is only 2 TL), buy books in Turkish for a nominal fee and just enjoy the atmosphere. Inside the temple, you will see there are several installations where you can observe the Birth of Christ. Take my word for it, this is something worth paying attention to.

Temple opening hours: Weekdays 08:00 – 19:30

Saturday: 09:00 – 18:30

Sunday: 07:00 – 19:30

If you have not yet decided what to visit for the New Year in Istanbul, we definitely recommend Galata Bridge. It connects the old and new parts of the city, passes through the Golden Horn. On the ground floor there are cafes and fish restaurants where you can eat and dance. And when the time comes to 12 o’clock, people go upstairs to watch the fireworks, which is very clearly visible from here.

The main night of the year can be spent on a ship plying the Bosphorus. Travelers who choose this option can admire the views of the night metropolis, spending festive hours with the obligatory champagne and treats.During the voyage, an entertainment program, champagne, a large selection of Turkish and world cuisine are offered.

You can read this article in Russian Language: С Новым 2022 годом!

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