Hajj Pre-Registration Applications Started

What is Hajj?

The ritual of visiting and circumambulating the Kaaba, one of the five pillars of Islam, performed by Muslims in Mecca in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah.

Hajj pre-registration applications have started. Those who want to fulfill Hajj worship next year will be able to apply via e-Devlet.

Pre-registration applications for those who will apply for the first time to fulfill their Hajj worship next year have started on the e-Devlet gateway.

Pilgrim candidates will be able to make their pre-registration applications quickly, easily and securely through the digital service “” by depositing pre-registration fees in contracted banks until October 11.


Those who applied in previous years will be able to update information such as accommodation type, union connection and the province they want to participate in the lottery on the same screen.


Those who have previously registered for Haj and do not want to change their status will be automatically renewed by our Presidency. Citizens who want to make changes in their province, address, contact information and accommodation type will be able to update their status via e-Devlet or through provincial-district mufti offices.

Citizens who are disabled, sick or elderly to the extent that they cannot perform their daily activities without the help of someone else will be able to make their applications together with their companions who have never been to Hajj before.

Citizens who want to take their children between the ages of 0-12 to Hajj will be able to pre-register their children within the specified period. Children in this age range will not affect their parents’ lottery coefficients.



2024 Haj pre-registrations will be taken only through e-Devlet this year, as in previous years. Our citizens who will register for the first time will be able to pre-register for Hajj after depositing the registration fee of 450 TL.

Detailed information about the “2024 Hajj Organization” and pre-registration for Hajj can be found on the official website of the General Directorate of Haj and Umrah Services,, and in provincial and district mufti offices.

Between September 13 and October 11, all transactions such as checking the registration status, category change, contact and address information, group updates, leaving the group, change of lottery province and registration of child candidates can be done via e-Devlet.

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