Günpınar Waterfall, Malatya

Günpınar Waterfall is a waterfall located on Şuhul Stream, a branch of Tohma Stream, within the borders of Darende district of Malaty a province. The name of the waterfall was previously used as Aşudu Waterfall, referring to the nearby village. When the name of the village was changed to Gürpınar, Gürpınar Waterfall became Günpınar Waterfall, which later turned into Günpınar. It has developed in slope rupture due to the waterfall fault line. The Şuhul Stream, which forms the waterfall, takes its source from Hezanlı Mountain. Karst springs 2 km west of the waterfall form the stream. The stream passes through the 2 km long and 60 m high canyon.

A waterfall forms at the end of the canyon. The three-step waterfall pours from a height of 25 m. The first fall occurs from a height of 13 m. The second drop is from 4 m to the south at an angle of 70°. A third drop occurs at an angle of 90°, with a slight southward turn and at an altitude of 8 m. It is similar to Gürlevik Waterfall with its three steps. Its flow rate is 1 m³/sec. A giant cauldron with a depth of 1.5 m and a diameter of 2.5 m was formed where the waters of the waterfall poured out. Since drinking water was supplied to Darende from the river, which was more abundant in the past, there has been a decrease in the flow. 10 km after the waterfall, the Şuhul Stream merges with the Tohma Stream. As the Şuhul Stream is fed from karstic springs, its waters are clear.

For the same reason, the flow rate does not change much, there is a certain increase in spring due to the melting of snow. It is 118 km west of Malatya and 8 km west of Darende. It can be reached by 5 km asphalt road from the E24 Kayseri-Malatya road. Günpınar Waterfall and Tohma Stream Canyon constitute the important tourism area of ​​Darende district.

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