GTA 6 Cost Leaked: Billions of Dollars!

GTA 6 Cost Leaked: Billions of Dollars!

The cost of GTA 6, which has been eagerly awaited for years, has been leaked. Allegedly, the open world game GTA 6 will be the most expensive entertainment product.

The cost of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has been revealed. The cost of the game in question was claimed to be billions of dollars. If the claim is true, it is stated that GTA 6 will be the most expensive entertainment product of all time.

After the release of GTA 5, the new game of the series began to be expected with great curiosity. While fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, which is a successful example of the open world genre, were wondering when GTA 6 will be released, there has been a very important development regarding the new game.

GTA 6 Cost

How Much Does GTA 6 Cost?

As a result of the development, it was revealed how much Grand Theft Auto 6 cost. The production cost of GTA 6 was claimed to be $ 2 billion. If this claim is true, Grand Theft Auto 6 could be the most expensive entertainment product of all time.

The huge budget allocated to the open world game, which is said to surpass all kinds of entertainment products such as movies, songs, video games and concerts in terms of production costs, has raised the level of expectations considerably.

The total budget allocated for the game is thought to be 2 billion dollars. It is said that this budget will include GTA 6’s online mode, the game’s development years, new content, marketing and distribution process.

Despite being released years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5, which has managed to maintain its popularity today, is estimated to have a total budget of approximately 265 million dollars. GTA 5 had earned over $1 billion in just three days.

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