Fanmade GTA 6 trailer fascinated the audience

One of the Grand Theft Auto fans has prepared a two-minute GTA 6 trailer based on the big leak back in September. The images created in exactly 200 days arouse admiration in the audience.

The sixth episode of Grand Theft Auto is eagerly awaited by game lovers. Although Rockstar Games has already confirmed the arrival of the game, there is not much official information about GTA 6 yet. One of the fans of the series has done a job that will relieve this expectation to some extent.

The owner of the YouTube channel 12th Hour has prepared his own GTA 6 trailer based on leaks and rumors about the game. The channel, which is famous for its Fortnite montages, says that he created this fan-made trailer using Unreal Engine 5, Blender and materials he bought with his own money.

It should be noted that more than 200 days were spent for the fan-made GTA 6 trailer. This rather painstaking process resulted in a two-minute trailer based on the big leak last September. In the video, we see chases, robberies and other events specific to the GTA series.

“Rockstar, hire this guy”

The trailer for GTA 6 is set in Vice City, and the story is about two protagonists (a man and a woman) who need each other’s help to take over the city. 12th Hour also included a professional voice actor in the project to make it more realistic.

The trailer was highly appreciated by the audience. At the time our news was being broadcast, the number of views had exceeded 1 million. Some YouTubers even called out to Rockstar, noting the quality and effort put into making the trailer: “hire this guy”.

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