Groundbreaking Feature From Whatsapp!

WhatsApp, the world's most widely used communication application, announces one more innovation every day. This time it added a groundbreaking feature to its innovations. Thanks to this feature that makes WhatsApp users happy, your business life becomes easier. Here is the latest feature announced by WhatsApp...

WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used communication application, has incorporated many innovations in 2023. Announcing a new feature almost every day, WhatsApp continues to please its users in this way. WhatsApp, the messaging application that attracts attention with its constantly updated structure, has announced another groundbreaking innovation.

Screen Sharing Is Coming

The new feature announced by WhatsApp was announced as screen sharing feature. WhatsApp, which is actively used for communication both in schools and workplaces, especially during the pandemic period, plans to provide convenience especially in business life with the screen sharing innovation it will provide in these areas where it is used effectively after the pandemic. Thanks to the screen sharing feature announced by WhatsApp, you will be able to visually support the exchange of information by sharing your screen with the person or people in front of you during the call.

Recording While Sharing Screen

The screen sharing feature announced by WhatsApp also includes screen recording. Thanks to the recording feature, which is found in actively used applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which are mostly used in business or school meetings, you will also have the opportunity to create a recording of your conversation and play it back later.

When Is Screen Sharing Coming To Whartsapp?

WhatsApp’s screen sharing feature is still being tested by Beta users. If it passes all the tests, the feature will soon be available to all users of screen sharing. With the arrival of WhatsApp screen sharing feature, WhatsApp will be much more than just a communication application. In this way, the WhatsApp application, which is expected to play an active role in business life, will also allow you to keep your conversations with your loved ones as a memory with the records taken in private conversations.

Two More New Features From Whatsapp

Screen sharing is not the only innovation announced by WhatsApp. At the same time, two more new features announced in recent days are planned to be shared with users in the coming days. Other features that are still in the WhatsApp Beta version are message editing and username features. These features, which allow you to edit the message within the first 15 minutes you send and use usernames that will remove phone numbers to the dusty pages of history, will soon be available to all users.

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