Great Innovation from Google Translate: It Will Be Mutually Conversational!

Great Innovation from Google Translate: It Will Be Mutually Conversational!

Google Translate, the world’s most famous translation service, will enable its users to speak in a foreign language. Here are the details!

Google Translate, which translates texts or files for free, was first launched in 2006 to translate between Arabic and English. Since then, it has incorporated countless languages and has become the most widely used translation service in the world.

Now Google is working on a new feature that will delight its users. Accordingly, users will be able to benefit from the new face-to-face translation service.

Face to Face Feature

Google Translate is adding a major innovation to its translation service with a face-to-face feature called “face to face”. With this feature, users will be able to communicate in foreign languages without having to show their phones to each other.

An X user shared a video about this feature, which is in the test version:

The face-to-face feature will allow the other person to see a translated version of what you are saying as you speak in conversation mode. The app’s interface will be inverted, making it easier to use with each other.

In addition to the face-to-face feature, other features will be available with the new update. For example, the Handwriting button will appear instead of the speech mode icon in the lower left corner of the interface.

With this button, you will be able to type text in a foreign language and the translated version of the text will instantly appear at the top. A microphone button has also been added to speech mode, along with a new animation design.

Google Translate

The autoplay service is also being improved. Accordingly, translations will now be instantly voiced in autoplay after the user speaks.

In addition, the auto-detection feature in voice mode will allow Google Translate to directly detect the language spoken by the user without the need to manually select a language.

So do you think Google Translate’s new features will make translation easier? You can share your thoughts with us in the section below.

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