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Google’s Artificial Intelligence Targeting Generation Z Canceled at the Last Moment!

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Targeting Generation Z Canceled at the Last Moment!

According to a new claim, it is said that Google is working on a new artificial intelligence chatbot targeting the Z generation, but it was canceled when it was about to be completed.

Google already has a major chatbot called Bard released to rival Open AI’s ChatGPT. The search giant had other plans before prioritizing Bard, an AI-based chatbot targeting millennials.

CNBC, referring to the materials they obtained and internal documents, reported that the application called “Bubble Characters”, which was worked on before, was made for mobile phones. This AI was designed for Generation Z users and featured interactive digital characters. It later “lost its priority” due to Google’s internal restructuring and eventually the AI-based chatbot application was abandoned.

How Artificial Intelligence Targeting Generation Z Worked

CNBC claims the app includes a talking digital character who will interact with Gen Z users in conversations. The app’s description, viewed by CNBC, also hinted that the app contained “human-like” conversations that could “act” to Gen Z users. These interactive conversations are believed to be powered by Google’s native language models (LLMs).

Google's Artificial Intelligence

The app also featured a cartoon-like character with a friendly voice, providing a human-like experience, engaging in conversation and asking questions. He was also apparently giving relationship advice.

Why Did Google Shelve The Project?

But all that exciting stuff didn’t see the light of day as the implementation wasn’t prioritized in favor of Bard. The app had been in development alongside other language-based models since Q4 2021. Internal restructuring at the company led to the departure of key executives, and those who remained were told to focus on Bard to rival Open AI’s ChatGPT, which Microsoft quickly incorporated. Meanwhile Bing Search.

The race for productive AI has been heating up lately as companies struggle to incorporate their own chatbots into their products.

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