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Google to Pay Thousands of Dollars for News Written with Artificial Intelligence!

Google pays thousands of dollars to publish news prepared with one of its artificial intelligence tools. Here are the details!

Google has recently managed to keep itself at the forefront with artificial intelligence news. There is new news in this field, but this time a new artificial intelligence tool was not introduced.

Google has signed a rather surprising agreement. By agreeing with some news sites, it wanted the news on these sites to be produced by artificial intelligence. Site owners will also share such news with their followers.

Google Makes a Deal with News Sites for Artificial Intelligence Content
Many companies, from news and blog sites that produce content to agencies that provide services in this direction, attach great importance to originality in content production. The quality of content dictated directly to artificial intelligence can often be questionable.

Both the originality of content and the fact that artificial intelligence is still not very successful are hampering efforts in this direction. However, Google has started to make moves to open a new page in internet journalism.

The company, which has made an agreement with some news sites, will pay tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for regularly publishing news prepared by artificial intelligence. According to rumors, websites will be asked to publish some news in exchange for a 10 thousand dollar deal.

Websites will only use an artificial intelligence tool created by Google to produce news on a regular basis and will be paid 10 thousand dollars. The 12-month deal will include 3 news stories per day, 1 press release per week and 1 marketing campaign per month.

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