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Google Loses $100 Billion Due to New Artificial Intelligence

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, lost $100 billion in value in the stock market after the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard, which it introduced on February 7, gave wrong answers to questions asked.

According to the BBC’s report, in a video promoting Bard, the artificial intelligence robot gave the wrong answer to the questions.

In the promotional video, the robot asked, “What can a 9-year-old say about the discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope?” When asked, Bard replied that “the telescope took the first pictures from outside the solar system”.

While Bard’s response was among the hottest topics on Twitter, the artificial intelligence robot was criticized for not being tested enough before it was introduced.

After the ad, Alphabet’s shares fell nearly 9 percent on the stock market, costing the company $100 billion.

Google also said in a statement on the subject that the bug highlights “the importance of a rigorous testing process launched this week with the Trusted Tester program.”

“We will combine external feedback with our own internal testing to ensure that Bard’s responses meet a high bar for quality, safety and sophistication in real-world information.” expression was used.

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