Good News from Kenan Işık 8 Years Later

A happy news came about the health status of actor Kenan Isik, who has been in a coma for 8 years as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Kenan Isik’s wife, Beril Isik, said, “Now he can hold his body completely and stand upright. He can follow her surroundings with his gaze. He could not do any of these before.”

Kenan Isik, the legendary name of a period, fell in the gym in 2014 and hit his head on the ground. After the surgery that lasted for 4 hours, Isik, who survived the life-threatening situation, could not come out of the coma he entered 8 years ago. Beril Isik, the wife of the beloved actor, gave the good news about Kenan Isik’s health.


Beril Isik, regarding the health status of his wife Kenan Isik, said, “He receives intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy. He can follow his surroundings with his gaze.”


According to the information in Haber Global, Isik’s wife said that she can now communicate with his eyes.

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