GÖKBEY’s First Flight Date Announced

GÖKBEY Utility Helicopter, developed by TAI, will make its first flight with the TEI-TS1400 engine developed by TEI in the coming summer months.

The domestic GÖKBEY Utility Helicopter, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ), is getting its domestic engine. GÖKBEY will make its first flight in May or June 2023 with the TEI-TS1400 engine developed by TUSAŞ Engine Industry AŞ (TEI).

TEI General Manager Mahmut Aksit said the following about GÖKBEY’s domestic engine:

“We hope to see the first flight of the Gökbey helicopter with a domestic engine next summer. We are planning our first flight in May or June next year.”

The TEI-TS1400 turboshaft engine produces 1470 horsepower during take-off. Under favorable conditions, it can produce up to 1570 horsepower. It draws attention with its service altitude of 20,000 feet and output shaft speed of 23,000 rpm.

TEI-TS1400 Technical Specifications

  • Takeoff Power (Sea Level Static): 1,400 shp
  • 30 sec. Single Engine Power (Sea Level Static): 1,660 shp
  • Takeoff Power/Weight: 8.54 (shp)/(kg)
  • Service Height: 20,000 ft
  • Output Shaft Speed: 23,000 rpm

Gökbey Helicopter Technical Specifications

  • Length (with rotors rotating): 15.87 m
  • MTOW: 6050 kg
  • Maximum Traveling Speed: 306 km/h
  • Service Ceiling: 6069 m
  • Range: 740 km (948 km with external fuel)
  • Airtime: 3.8+ Hours (5+ hours on external fuel)
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 13.20 m
  • Standard Fuel Tank: 1020 kg
  • External Fuel Tank: 280 kg
  • Luggage Volume: 1.1 m3
  • Crew: 2
  • Passenger: 12

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