Germany is talking about Kemal C.

Court Sentences Highest Sentence

Berlin State Court sentenced 46-year-old Kemal C., who cheated with free corona tests and inflicted 9.6 million Euros in damage to the state, to 8 years and 9 months in prison, and his sister Gülbeyaz W. to 1 year and 9 months for aiding and abetting. he was struck. Gülbeyaz W.’s prison sentence was suspended.

Found guilty…

The court found Kemal C., who runs a Kiosk in the district of Wedding, guilty of defrauding the Legal Health Insurance Physicians Association with the tests he billed incorrectly at the corona test centers he opened.

The court sentenced the defendant to prison for commercial, especially serious fraud.

Announcing the decision, the judge said, ‘He unscrupulously exploited the national pandemic emergency at that time’.It was noted that Kemal C. opened a total of 18 corona test centers in different districts of the capital and billed the tests that were not done as if they were real.

It turned out that two of these test centers were opened in his own name and the others under false names.

To illustrate the extent of the fraud, the judge made an example calculation based on the invoices presented by the defendant.The judge calculated that, based on bills submitted from a testing center, there should have been 19 continuous hours of testing per day, with at least two tests per minute.


When the defendant stated in his defense that he believed that the money was on the street and that it should only be collected, he received a great reaction from the court committee.

“Every day, nearly 1000 people died from corona,” said the judge. The state had to act quickly and unbureaucratically,” he said.

According to Senate data, 1,656 commercial test centers were licensed in Berlin alone, during the peak times of corona.

Many of these were almost never checked in the beginning. But when suspicions of fraud began to surface, invoices and tests began to be checked.

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