German Consulate General in Istanbul Closed for Security Reasons

After the Netherlands announced that its Consulate in Istanbul was temporarily closed to the public, Germany also decided to close it.

Protests continue for Rasmus Paludan, who burned the Quran in Sweden and Denmark.

Germany was added to the Netherlands and England, which took precautions for protest demonstrations.

In the statement made on the social media account of the German Consulate General in Istanbul, it was noted that the consulate will remain closed for “security” reasons for February 1, and visa and passport procedures have been cancelled.

Inscription Hung at the Entrance

At the entrance of the consulate in Taksim Gumussuyu, “The consulate is closed today. All appointments have been cancelled. You can reach the current developments on our website.” letter was posted.

Security measures were taken in front of the consulate.

Closed in the Netherlands

The statement of the Dutch authorities was shared yesterday from the social media account of the Consulate General of the country in Istanbul.

“Demonstrations in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands where the Qur’an is burned and torn, respectively, can stimulate anti-Western sentiment and lead to demonstrations and protests,” the statement said. it was said.

The US Embassy updated its travel warning for Turkey, warning to be careful especially in the Beyoğlu region. The UK representation, on the other hand, asked the staff to work from home due to the ‘change in the security situation’ in the message it sent to its employees.

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