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German Chief of Army’s Words About Russia- Ukraine War Led Him Discharged

German Chief of Army Eberhard Zorn was reportedly discharged due to his striking statements about the Russia-Ukraine War. It was reported that the Chief of Army of Germany, General Eberhard Zorn, was discharged by the Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius.

The German Deutsche Welle Newspaper stated that the statements of General Eberhard Zorn, especially in the Russia-Ukraine war, played a role in his discharge. Zorn said to have come to the fore with the words:

“We have no ammunition and weapons, we cannot get into war. Our army has always been neglected”.

In an interview with a magazine, Zorn said, “Ukraine cannot win this war. Ukraine may win in several cities and conflicts. It may have several victories. But it is not possible to completely push Russia back and drive it out of its lands. Ukraine cannot win.”

New Chief of Army

It is stated that the name to replace Eberhard Zorn will be General Carsten Breuer.It is known that Carsten Breuer is the head of the Regional Operations Headquarters, where the international troops, training battalions and emergency response teams of the German Armed Forces are attached.


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