Gay Imam Mohamed Zahed’s Speech in Turkey Canceled

The planned speech of Mohamed Zahed, known as the 'gay imam' in Europe who serves the LGBT imposition, in Istanbul was canceled due to the reactions. Zahed's name was removed from Brand Week Istanbul's official website and social media posts.

Dr. Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, who is of Algerian origin and lives in France, was invited to a conference in Istanbul, which put him on the Turkish agenda. Dr. Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, who was to attend the Brad Week festival held at Zorlu Center between November 7-11, was to take the stage as a speaker. Along with gay Imam Mohamed Zahed, Dilek İmamoğlu, the wife of Ekrem İmamoğlu, was also a speaker at the festival conference.

The announcement that Mohamed Zahed, who operates in France and identifies himself as a ‘gay imam’, would give a conference in Turkey drew great reaction.

It was stated that Zahed’s speech, which was planned to participate in Brand Week Istanbul, was canceled due to the reactions and sponsors who could not afford a boycott.

His name has been erased everywhere!

The organizers removed Zahed’s name from the official website and social media posts.

Gay Imam Mohamed Zahed

In the list of speakers, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s wife Dilek İmamoğlu was side by side with him. It was seen on the official website that Zahed was not among the speakers.

The invitation of the gay imam to Brand Week, November 7-11, also sparked backlash against the conference’s sponsors. Sponsors were targeted on social media.

“Gay marriage is a blessing”

Mohamed Zahed, a 45-year-old gay imam, has been called Europe’s project man. “Mohamed Zahed, who calls himself an imam without borders, is completely ostracized by his native Algeria. Mohamed Zahed approves of gay marriage, calling it a “blessing”.

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